My First Blog Post πŸ˜‰ …

Hi everyone! This is my very first post on my website and I’m still a noob on this so instead I will be introducing myself πŸ˜„.
My name is Ariel Ryan A. Makilan and I live in Bacolod City, Philippines. My hobbies are online gaming, photography and etc. I can sing (not a pro), πŸ˜† I prefer both mountains and sea’s because I dont know how to stick to one or maybe I just want random experiences Haha!. I would love to travel in the future in different places where I can experience all I have dreamed right now and Discover rare things and add them on my blog very soon! I really hope of this as a great starting point of me blogging in the next few years. ❀

I also love to be photographed in great places and photograph great things wherever I can chance to capture it. Haha!

I am still a student here in USLS-Bacolod, currrently in Liceo, Grade 11. I hate subjects that has a lot of paperworks and I love oral speaking (has no other choice though instead of saying math as my fav πŸ˜‚)

I have here some of my photographs ‡

And there you go! Hopefully our 2nd Semester “Blogging” thing will help me discover and share this here! Hahahahaha #lookingforward.


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