My Christmas Realization 2017!



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Christmas has always been the season where all my relatives get together and spend this days with the whole family. It was always filled with hilarious memoriesunforgettable experiences and signature smiles that acts as a trademark of that person in the family for me. Foods were prepared like there’s a fiesta to be held for as they say our family is like a whole barangay when together hahaha! Music filled our ears as we wait for Christmas Eve. Men cheers with their glasses full of beer, kids play with loud noises of fire crackers and even though its noisy my Grandpa was kind of considerate to this kind of activities this season of the year hahaha (In short, he usually gets angry with loud unwanted noises). But all of this won’t be the same this time around. These are all just memories from my past.Image result for christmas gif

This time, my Grandpa is already resting in peace, my Aunts and cousins live afar from us together with my Grand Mother, and my mom also chose to work abroad to sustain us with what we will need. But my brothers, father and three of my cousins are still here. And one of my aunt and uncle always come home here in the Philippines every year and we decided at first that we’re going to celebrate Christmas somewhere nice (it was supposed to be a 3 Days trip on Boracay Island) so that we won’t get too attached with how we celebrate it usually. But things went out different unexpectedly and a typhoon is hindering us so we cancelled it. At first, I thought I will be able to adjust fast in this situations. But when Christmas break began, I suddenly remembered all the memories of what it’s like before and what it’ll be now. And it saddens me that I can’t bring back the old days, the old us. If only things work out perfectly for everyone it wouldn’t be like this. I was at the verge of thinking of how it will turn out and I was negatively over viewing things ahead and tears tried to run down through my eyes as my ego was struck lightly by that. But my friends effortlessly made me happy in no time as I communicated with them though chats on messenger. So then, I tried moving on and remember that this time might be different but it will still be a memorable one! I still have my friends and family whom I consider as treasures.♥


“Some memories become reminiscent moments. And some moments become beautiful memories that will never come back again. But will be replaced with something new and better ahead.”Related image


December 25 at exactly 11:59, people on social media started greeting each other a Merry Christmas! Friends got along together. Families reunited and bonded. Some celebrated it happily and others praying and praising God on Jesus’s Birthday. As for me, it felt warm to have people surrounding you knowing that even if we only met for this past few months we already met someone with whom we can be with and trust, argue and stuffs. It just feels so refreshing, even though its not like the usual. And then there’s my old treasured friends in my hometown where they always got my back when I’m down and even if we went to different schools already, the way we treat each other is still the same (and for months there’s no clear communication) and they filled that gap I am looking for, selfishly looking for happiness yet human as we are we can’t deny the fact that we need someone to hold on.♥

This things made me happy, renewed and made me feel like the most lucky to ever live in this chaotically beautiful world covered by unbearable darkness yet light seems to find its way out and make us feel hope once again (not that I’m in agony, it’s just… that) People that greeted me made my Christmas and I’m so happy that they remembered me even if they’re all so busy with their own life.


Image result for christmas gif“With just a simple message or greeting, you can make someone happy and feel special. And that someone specifically, is me”


The streets sounded noisily with fireworks, air guns and with simple firecrackers for that is traditionally how we celebrate Christmas Eve. In the morning, we went to Church because of course Jesus Christ is the soul reason of this seasons special gathering and I knew I had to pay respect for I believe in Him. Thanking Him for the great family, healthy life and for everything He unconditionally gave us and all I can do in return is pray. Praying for guidance and blessings, etc. And for my mother (most especially) that she’s happy there even if it’s so hard for her (undeniably). After that, I spent the rest of the day in our house thinking of what if’s and chatting. All that I have experienced this Christmas might not be as fun as before but I know everything has a reason and that there’s no such thing as a “Sad Christmas” for it will always be merry christmas! in whatever ways you may have spent this day. Whether it is with your family, friends, co-workers, nor alone. Christmas will always be special .

“In the end, it will all depend on how you deal with life and how you’ll see it. It is for our own’s sake that it will make us realize that we have to grow and learn from it. Learning how to appreciate small things and cherish moments after moments matters in life. And knowing that life is not happiness all the time, for sadness and pain exposes us from reality”


Best Wishes and Merry Christmas!Image result for christmas gif


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